Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The next few months will be bringing about lots of changes in our lives. We're moving this weekend, out of the city. I'm excited, but generally a bit stressed about the move. Can't wait till it's done! Chris is changing jobs in a few weeks. He'll be working 9-5 hours now, which is amazing, because for our whole relationship we've worked opposite shifts. So I'm also very excited about his new job. Finally, in April, we'll (hopefully) be bringing home Nevan's little brother. This week I'm feeling very hopeful, but I still have almost 12 wks to go until our planned c-section at 38.5 wks. Trying to stay calm, but there's always something to worry about in the back of my mind.

The other thing that's been on my mind constantly lately is that in about a month, it will be Nevan's one year anniversary dates. Born on the 15th of February, died on the 16th. I have no idea what to do to mark the dates, it all seems very overwhelming. I do know I want to make a memory book with photos from my pregnancy, showers, and our pics of her at the hospital. I've been wanting to do this all year, so I figure it would be nice to do it in time for her one year. Other than that, I'm lost as what to do, but maybe after the move I can figure something out.